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Melton specializes in real estate auctions and has been conducting them since 1979. Whether the property is land, residential, or a commercial property, Melton has the experience and capability to get the property efficiently sold. Our auctioneer professionals have conducted 10,000 auctions across the Midwest and have the tools to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We are a Christian owned and operated company.

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Our Realtors

Roger Melton – Owner

Roger Melton is the owner of Melton Auction Company. Melton Auction has been growing ever since 1976 to be one of the best auction companies in the Southwest Missouri area. In 2019 he decided he wanted to service his auction clients that were selling their homes with more options. So, Roger brought in Sharon Bishop and added a full-service Real Estate Company to his already well established, successful auction business. With Roger’s leadership, the business started offering a “list before you action option”. Roger knows not every property is a good fit for this option, but he is passionate about helping others. This allows Roger to assist each client reach their properties potential in the best way possible. This move has led Roger to obtain his Missouri Agents Real Estate license, even though he does not have to have one to sell Real Estate as an Auctioneer. He wanted to know the ins and outs of the agent selling world so he could share top notch service and knowledge with his clients.

Roger is a hard worker who works tirelessly to promote his client’s property or find the perfect fit for a buyer. Roger starts his day early and finishes work way past the time most have gone to bed. He fights for his clients; you would be hard pressed to find another agent or auctioneer who goes to battle for his clients like he does. Roger will make sure you get the best value that you can. Whether you are buying or selling, he looks out for you. Roger truly enjoys the art of negotiation. He will do his absolute best to bring two parties together and have a happy outcome for both sides.

Roger is a “straight shooter” when it comes to home and land values. He will not lure you in with a flowery speech and high number. One of the most appreciated traits of Roger by his clients is his no nonsense way of doing business. Roger will not waste your time, energy or effort on a property that will not serve your needs.

Client satisfaction is Roger’s number one goal.

Sharon Bishop – Designated Broker

Sharon Bishop is the Designated Broker for Melton Auction and Realty, LLC. Sharon became involved in selling Real Estate in 2003 while her husband was a General Contractor for their home building business. Russell and Sharon were not satisfied with the level of engagement by Real Estate agents and found themselves meeting with perspective buyers and creating custom homes more times than the agents who were employed to do so. Sharon became an agent in 2003 and then promptly completed requirements to be able to Broker her own Real Estate business.

Sharon prides herself on listening to her client’s needs and asking questions to narrow down what they are truly looking for and can envision what her client’s desire. She goes above and beyond to be available at all times and is willing to meet whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. She works on your schedule. Middle of a hay field for a signature, not a problem. School pick-up line, not a problem. After you get off work at 5:00 pm, grab a bite to eat, and gather the kids, not a problem. Before you start your workday, not a problem. Sharon understands that every situation is different. She will make the process as easy as possible for you emotionally and financially. Some moves are happy; some sad. But all moves can create strains. Dealing with your agent should not be one.

People trust Sharon and value her input. Many times, the sellers relocate and Sharon takes care of making sure everything runs smooth until the sale is complete. Or if you are buying and not able to view the home in person, Sharon will make sure you are able to “see” it. She has FaceTimed, Zoomed, recorded and sent video to clients numerous times who live out of the area. Clients have made offers and even purchased without ever seeing the home in person through Sharon’s honest and candid input.

Her love for people shows and she truly wants to make you happy with your home process, whether buying or selling.

Terry Oldham

Terry Oldham calls Spokane home. Living and working in the area has given her strong values and strong work ethics. Getting involved in real estate offers her the opportunity to help individuals and focus on the client’s specific needs, with quick response and working through difficult situations.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned buyer or seller, Terry can help make your transaction smooth and successful.

Contact: 417-880-4484

Kathy Penrod

Kathy Penrod has been a realtor for 20 years. She has been part of the Springfield/Branson area off and on for the past 50 years. She loves working with people to help make their dream of owning a home come true. She enjoys walking through the entire process from start to finish. From her experience, everyone has different needs, whether they are a first-time home buyer or have been through this process before.

Kathy listens closely to her clients and tailors her services to their specific needs. Her goal is to make sure every client experience is smooth and enjoyable.

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