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In Business for Over 55 Years!

What We Do

Melton Auction & Realty Co. LLC is a family owned business with over 55 years combined experience in all types of auctions:
Real Estate, Farm Estate, Furniture, Antiques, and Miscellaneous Items

Roger Melton is the owner of Melton Auction Company, one of the best auction companies in the Southwest Missouri area. In 2019 he decided he wanted to service his auction clients that were selling their homes with more options. So, Roger brought in Sharon Bishop and added a full-service Real Estate Company to his already well established, successful auction business. 

Roger is a hard worker who works tirelessly to promote his client’s property or find the perfect fit for a buyer. Roger starts his day early and finishes work way past the time most have gone to bed. He fights for his clients; you would be hard pressed to find another agent or auctioneer who goes to battle for his clients like he does.

Roger will make sure you get the best value that you can, whether you are buying or selling, he looks out for you. Roger truly enjoys the art of negotiation. He will do his absolute best to bring two parties together and have a happy outcome for both sides.

Roger is a “straight shooter” when it comes to home and land values. He will not lure you in with a flowery speech and high number. One of the most appreciated traits of Roger by his clients is his no nonsense way of doing business. Roger will not waste your time, energy or effort on a property that will not serve your needs.

Client satisfaction is Roger’s number one goal.

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